Titanic Party


– Decorate the house like a ship- portholes, life savers, pirate flags, anchors

– Make an artificial ” sea” in a corner- using blue cloth of 2 or 3 shades.. Make paper fishes, or an octopus or even sailboats and put them in it.

– make small lifesavers, or seashells out of paper and hang them on a string across the room.

– Use a blue colour theme to decorate the room and table.

– Octopus shaped place card/ Name tag

– Float a miniature paper boat on every drink

– Hang triangular flags on a string across the room

– Captain Caps for all the childreb

click here for a printable fish pattern to use for making decorations

Click here for a printable Ship pattern for making decorations

Links for how- to – make decorations:





– A Titanic Shaped Cake ( or a ship will do)

– You can also put blue icing on a plain cake, and make waves with white icing and put small plastic ships on it.


Doughnuts ( You can decorate them with red and white icing to make them look like lifesavers)

Fish Shaped/ Ship shaped cookies

Some recipes from http://www.freekidcrafts.com

Sandy Beaches – Tint some frosting light blue and spread on a sugar cookie. Dip half the cookie into sugar. Cookies look like an ocean with a sandy beach.

Hotdog Octopus – Slice a hotdog in half long way about ¾ of the way up the hotdog. Slice each of those slices in half, making 4 legs. Now slice each of the 4 legs in half to make 8 legs. Boil the hotdog to make the legs curl up like an octopus.

Marshmallow Octopus – Place a large marshmallow on a plate. Use licorice pieces to make 8 legs by poking them into the side of the marshmallow.


Treasure hunt

Musical Chairs– with music from the titanic

Musical Island– The Titanic has sunk and there are pieces of wood everywhere ( depicted by bits of paper around the room- The papers should be big enough for 1 child to stand on with both feet inside) There should be less papers than children. when the music starts, the childen can move around the room, but not step on the papers. When the music stops, the kids have to find a paper to stand on . So those who don’t have a paper to stand on drown( are out of the game. Remove a few more papers and the next round is repeated. The person who survives till the end wins!

Click on this link for 2 more games

Games for small children

Party Favors:

Small toy ships

Fish shaped chocolate/ candy



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  1. Hello,

    I am doing a project in school and i wondered if i could have permission to use your fish please?


    • Sure you can. I took if from a free printables website.

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